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Theft Prevention

Better Tracking = Less Theft

Cash security is the most important commodity to protect, and individual responsibility is the best way to protect it

in all restaurants. Point of Success allows 

a till (cash drawer) to be assigned to one 

staff member. When one person is assigned

to a till, only that person can accept a 

payment into the till. Individual responsibility means that you know where to look when 

a till comes up short!

Cash register tills and server and driver banks are tracked to the penny from the moment they’re opened until they are closed. Tendered payments, additions, drops, and cash paid out are all detailed.  Reconciliation reports with count worksheets help count and balance tills and banks and ensure theft prevention. 

Program Security Settings

Every user in Point of Success is assigned to a security group.  Important settings like price changes, removing an item from an order that has been sent to the kitchen, order voiding and many other functions are all protected by security. If a staff member doesn’t have permission to use a function, a manager can override the security setting to allow it to be used once.

Use one of the predefined theft prevention security groups, create your own security groups or modify  current security settings; there is something for all restaurants.

Fingerprint Login

Using a fingerprint is the most secure way to ensure theft prevention. Employees log in to use the point of sale software, to clock in and clock out, and for managers to override security messages.

Point of Success includes support for fingerprint login. Purchase sensors for

your point of sale computers from

Prescott POS Inc.

Video Surveillance Integration

Items sold and other details of the point of 

sale transaction can be  overlaid on your restaurants security video feed using the PostMark video security interface.

Audit Trails

Point of Success includes an audit report that lists every incident in the system that could be a security problem in your restaurant. Including:

  • Price changes
  • Order voids
  • PIN code attempt failures
  • Time clock changes
  • Removing items from orders
  • Security overrides

Theft prevention through regular review of the Point of Success audit report can help to prevent honest and dishonest theft.

Food & Labor Cost Reports

Point of Success produces ideal food cost reports and labor cost estimates. Comparing these reports to your restaurants actual food costs and historic labor costs can reveal theft through missing stock and improper time clock usage.

Ordering and Preparation With the System

Control free food, fraudulent orders, dishonest servers and other risks with Point of Success' theft prevention measures. Require that all food prepared, every delivery dispatched and all payments received are processed through your point of sale system.

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