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Point of Sale Like You Want It To Be
If you are familiar with computers you can easily build your own point of sale system. If you’re more comfortable using the expertise Prescott POS can provide, you’ll find extraordinary service and expert menu building. Whether yours is a small startup restaurant, a large successful establishment, or you’re part of a chain or franchise group, Prescott POS and Point of Success can be an excellent fit for you.

All The Information You Need
The Prescott POS website has much of the details you will need to make an 

informed purchase decision. This is just one more reason why you’ll enjoy 

your Prescott POS buying experience.

Software Features

  • Order Entry
  • Order Tracking
  • Customer Database
  • Marketing Tools
  • Theft Prevention
  • Delivery Management
  • Loyalty and Rewards Programs
  • Business Reporting
  • Improved Efficiency

Optional Features

  • Employee Time Clock
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Online Ordering
  • Table and Guest Management
  • Fingerprint Login
  • Caller ID
  • Credit Card and Gift Certificate Processing
  • Above Store Reporting
  • Video Surveillance Integration
  • Mapping

POS Features Expanded

Order Entry

Use a touch screen or mouse to take customer

orders! Design the order entry screens to fit the

way your restaurant works. Training new employees

is fast and easy

Order Tracking

Viewing orders in the system, creating orders for preparation at a future date and time and real-time manager statistics are a few of the features offered 

in Point of Success 

Customer Database

The customer database stores name, address, multiple telephone numbers,  delivery instructions and more. Staying in touch with existing customers is the best way to improve restaurant sales 

Marketing Tools

Many of Point of Success’ features can help you improve order frequency from existing customers, improve your average ticket sale and analyze the effectiveness of customer-attraction campaigns

Theft Prevention

Keeping the money a restaurant earns is every bit

as important as earning it. System security features help prevent employee theft (honest and dishonest), inventory shrinkage and more

Delivery Management

Keep your delivery drivers on the road and meet 

your customer service goals with the help of 

Point of Success’ delivery management features. Order status, delivery destination maps and driver queuing are all available

Loyalty & Rewards

Keep loyal customers happy with rewards! Customers earn points for products they purchase, and can use points for free items in the future

Business Reporting

Point of Success maintains history on your orders, payments, deliveries, customers, employees and more. Use this information in system reports to help you run a better business 

Improved Efficiency

A point of sale system isn’t just a fancy cash register! Point of Success also helps improve your business. Employees can enter orders quickly and get order information, cash out orders and keep your 

customers happy 

Let us tell you more about the optional features too

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and then tell us more about additional features you might need. Chances are we already have them ready for you!

What will my POS cost?

Point of Success is known for its excellent value! You can get dependable, professional point of sale software for your restaurant, bar or hospitality business for far less

 than you might expect to pay. Once you see Point of Success for yourself

 you’ll understand why it is an excellent choice for your business. 

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