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Delivery Management

Pizza Delivery Software –Manage Your Deliveries!

Point of Success Premium includes all the features a pizzeria or other delivery restaurant needs to ensure on-time service! 


Dispatch Oldest Orders First

Point of Success tracks every order from start to finish. Orders flagged for delivery are displayed on the Delivery Dispatch screen sorted with the next promised order at the top of the list. Every order in the delivery queue is displayed from the moment it’s entered, making it easier to assign orders efficiently. The oldest  waiting order in the system is always at the top of the list for rapid dispatch.  

Order by Guest Number

Each item on an order is tagged with a guest ID. Use this feature to separate multiple guest take-out and delivery orders! 


Customer Receipt Subtotaled by Guest  

When using the table position ordering feature, select this receipt template to subtotal each guest’s order on one receipt. May eliminate the need to split a ticket – Great for carry out and delivery orders.

Mapping for Delivery

Point of Success teams up with 86 Boarders to deliver a mapping and customer solution unrivaled in today’s fast-pace restaurant environment. This feature boasts the following:

  • Turn-by-turn mapping sent to driver’s phone
  • Customer receives text with link to see where delivery is
  • Geo-fence technology pinpoints when the driver nears destination
  • Driver tracking including location, time of travel, top speed and much more 


Print Delivery Tickets

Delivery dispatch tickets with complete order information, customer address information, contact information and delivery instructions make every delivery faster and easier. 

Where is My Order?

You’re prepared when a customer calls for information on their order.  Informative screens list the orders still in production, the orders that are out on delivery, and the details of each order.

Detailed order information is available at the touch of a button. See the customer’s address, driving directions, ordered items, and delivery, promise and dispatch times.


Track Delivery Staff Efficiency

Reports detailing delivery driver production help a manager to identify their best drivers. Retaining and rewarding the best employees contributes to a restaurant’s success! 

Dispatch Longest Waiting Drivers First

As delivery drivers return from deliveries, each staff member logs back into the system. The longest waiting driver is assigned to the next dispatched order to control even distribution of assignments.

Orders on the delivery dispatch screen are shown in order of promised delivery time. 

Orders approaching the promised time are flagged  yellow, while overdue orders are 

flagged red. Track delivery drivers, their time since checking in or out, and the orders assigned for a delivery run.

Track Delivery Driver Banks

Opening, closing and reconciling driver banks 

is fast and easy with Point of Success. Reports detail the opening bank balance, orders assigned for delivery, cash drops, and 

balance due from a driver, simplifying end-

of-shift procedures.

Dedicated or Shared Dispatch Station

For larger restaurants a computer can be dedicated to delivery dispatch. Smaller restaurants can save by using the same computer for order entry and dispatch. Additionally, any computer on the network 

can be used for any Point of Success function.

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