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Customer Database

Customer Database in Pizzeria POS Software

A customer database is a necessity in pizzerias and in any restaurant  where tracking customer activity or implementing a customer loyalty  program is desirable.

In Point of Success Premium you can:

  • Enter a customer once then select the customer for future orders.
  • No reentry of customer address is required.
  • Customer information, telephone number and delivery instructions appear on every customer order.
  • Use the customer database to send special offers by text message, email or postal mail.
  • Track customer order frequency and send offers to customers who have not ordered as frequently as they have in the past.
  • -Celebrate customer birthdays with the included birthday club feature

Find Customers in the Database

Point of Sale, by Point of Success and Prescott POS, Inc, Customer entry page

Each customer in Point of Success Premium can be assigned several  telephone numbers. Search for a customer by entering their telephone  number, name or address.


Multiple Telephone Numbers

No matter whether a customer gives you their mobile number, their home  number or any other telephone number, our pizza restaurant software  remembers the telephone 

Customer Information on Orders

POS Order Display Ticket by Point of Success and Prescott POS Inc

Selecting a customer from the database attaches all of a customer’s  information to the order without the need to enter the information again. 


Delivery Driver Details

Delivery drivers have the information needed to quickly find a customer.  Information includes delivery zone, cross streets and driver instructions. 

Customer Database Marketing

Point of Success Premium includes reports for restaurant marketing:

  • Lost and Lazy Customers mailing labels
  • Customer Birthday List and mailing labels
  • New Customer mailing labels
  • Best business and residential customer lists

And many more! 

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